Small updates

Been awhile since last update, but recently decided to add a translator app to the site. It may or may not translate properly outside of English, but if anything, it should at least make things more understandable for non-English speaking visitors ^^;  It does offer more language choices but figured to set it up with the current options for now. I guess if I get enough visitors from other places I may add in the language, if it’s an available option.
Also using a new post editor, so posts may now look a little different sometimes, depending on how I use it. Otherwise, the appearance will pretty much stay the same. Trying to get used to it, but it’s not too hard to work with, at least. On a more personal note, been interested in getting into wood turning, just gotta wait for my lathe to get here so I can get started practicing. So eventually I may start offering woodcraft works, lol.