“New” URL and updates ^-^)*

As mentioned on the maintenance mode and FB, the site has undergone a domain name switch. The previous one will still work but will now point to the “new” URL which was the original forwarding URL. So please make updates to your bookmark to reflect this change. The reason for the switch is that I am considering to eventually be rid of the previous domain name. It’ll be a long while before I do or I may just change my mind and keep it, as is, for folks that find it easier to remember (or maybe do something else with it). I’ve been going about the backend making sure everything is functioning correctly (I might’ve miss a thing or two, but will continue to do checks and monitoring. Been cleaning up a bunch of stuff and trying to rearrange files to help the site function better or more or less to make things less cluttered for me ^^;;

As for actual site changes upfront, aside from the URL change, I’ve moved the game projects link under the News/Updates column on the menu. I did this because they seem more like update posts than an actual page on the project. Will get around to creating a page/site for my game project later on.