A little update

Hope everyone’s early year has been good. Just a minor post today. Aside from busy working and doing craft projects (for which I feel pretty accomplished as I’ve made about 30 scarves, a few hats and some baby swaddle/blankets), been taking it easy some and had been tinkering on more maps on the project YesterYear, as well as my own game Paths of Twilight. Been getting the urge to try some new crafts. Just gotta go through most of what I currently got or try to keep getting new stuff to a minimum ^^;; I’m hoping to try and get on the ball of adding more free contents, as well as make some premium stuff this year. Just need to organize my life >_< Got some vacation time coming up real soon, so I’m hoping to get needed stuff out of the way and start on some nifty projects (or continue the ones I’m currently on :p)